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Pimms by Candlelight

  • 29th November 2018
  • 5-10pm
  • The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

One night – A room full of amazing women, Winter Pimms, candlelight, and 3 mind-opening seminars to help you find more balance, harmony and calm in the run-up to Christmas and beyond. This is a must-attend event for women in Shropshire – or from anywhere really.

Join us for a wonderful evening of Pre-Christmas socialising and networking and at the same time learn ways in which, as busy women, we can gain more balance and harmony in their lives.

We’re going to be talking happiness, hormones, and health with a unique combination of short seminars to give insight, actions and inspiration as we enter the festive season.

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Your Vision & How To Make It Happen





Ladies Facilitated Mastermind Group


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Time & Energy Secrets For Busy Women




A rare opportunity to really look at what is important to us, coupled with great tools to help us achieve our goals. I would highly recommend this thought-provoking day –  brilliant!

I loved the vision meditation as it allowed me to fully feel and experience the dreams I have, making them feel more achieveable afterwards One month on and I have achieved the goals I set in the workshop.

A unique approach to goal setting

A full day with Helen & Hollie, coaches and trainers in all things business and a lot more. Together we will help you…

  • Get your vision for the next 12 months – what are your goals and how are you going to achieve them?
  • Make sure they are part of YOUR vision and not something you have been told you feel that you SHOULD DO
  • Create a strategic plan with measurable goals and realistic actions
  • Discover the tools and techniques to empower you, and make your more efficient and successful
  • Establish steps you can take right now to move you towards your goal
You will also receive:
  • An optional free review of your plan after a month
  • Templates for you to use in your business planning to help you work smarter

Our Next ‘Your Vision’ workshop Is on Friday 25th January 2019



  • Venue: The Marches Growth Hub, Priorslee Campus, Uni of Wolverhampton, Telford
  • Date: 25th January 2019
  • Registration: 9.30 am
  • Start Time:10 am
  • End time: Approx. 3pm
  • Tea, Coffee, & Water provided


Looking For My ‘Inspired’ Women’s Group Coaching Sessions – Find Out More Here

Are you…

Stuck? Overdoing it? Frustrated? Running on adrenaline? Wanting to achieve but not quite getting there? Overwhelmed? Burnt out? Tired? Unfulfilled? Under-charging? Experiencing a lack self-worth? Unable to say no? Being walked all over? Over-emotional? Looking to improve your relationships? Feeling guilty all the time? Then you need to be involved with this women’s coaching programme…

‘Inspired’ Women’s Coaching  Group Programme

This is a 12-week program designed to:
  • help you create a major shift/transformation in an area of your life which is causing you frustration
  • let go of the habits of Superwoman (if applicable) and create better results with less push and effort
  • learn how to use a new kind of power to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to you.

Email me at to reserve your space now (or to arrange a call and check that this is for you) or click through here for more info

Become more intuitive, confident, focussed, energised, connected, and fulfilled.

One of the things that make Helen such a brilliant coach is her laser sharp intuition for knowing what to say and when, and which questions to ask, all of which led me to have powerful break throughs and a-ha moments.
Harriet Waley-Cohen. Speaker & Coach

Juggling your time, Running low on patience, snappy, irritable, feeling guilty, no-one is helping, overwhelmed, don’t know where to start…..

I want to give you the skills you need to change this completely

This is time management, but not as you know it.

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One Year Low-Cost Mastermind Plus Coaching Programme

THE CURRENT PROGRAMME IS FULL – email to be the first to find out about the next one

Maximum of 6 members

This is a year of monthly mastermind and coaching sessions to be held in Telford in a small group. Many ladies want to be part of a mastermind but don’t know where to look. I have been part of various groups and found them to be hugely helpful in building my businesses over the years.
One of the issues of running your own group is that it’s easy to get sidetracked so, many top leaders use facilitators for their masterminds. I am combining this concept with coaching/training along the way, so if you want a coach but don’t think you can afford one, this is something for you to look at.
Low cost, local and effective. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level in 2018 then join me now.
I am limiting this group to 6 places so it really is first come first served.

What’s included when you join the Facilitated Mastermind Programme?

– An initial 1 hour (ish) primer coaching session with me to establish where you are and where you want to be.
– A wrap-up 1 hour (ish) coaching session to ensure your ongoing success approximately one month after our regular programme finishes.
– A full year of accountability and support with me and everyone else on the programme.
– A full day every month to include half day training/group coaching and half day of facilitated masterminding in person in Telford

To commit to your personal and business growth let me know you would like to be in on the next programme by emailing me

It will be fun, challenging and supportive, so much better than trying to claw away on your own! 

Email me to ensure you get the dates for the next one ( to arrange a chat.